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When I was finally able to really know who I am and focus fully on creating a life I love, I went through some grief over the time I felt like I’d ‘wasted.’ I wish I would have had a guide – someone to lead me step by step through the process of knowing who I am and creating an authentic life. I’m not talking about the logistical, surface-level how to leave your job kind of stuff, but a way to focus on and honor my real self so I could have no choice but to be who I am.

My Approach

The Soulpurpose Process

I provide one-on-one sessions as well as group workshops and online courses with a variety of experiential, creative and soul searching experiences. Uncovering and discovering who you are involves allowing the creative potential and wisdom of your unconscious to connect with your current awareness of who you are.

This process, which Jung called Individuation, will allow you to embrace and honor all the sides of your Self and balance opposites -parts of you that seem lost or forgotten and talents, strengths and wisdom you may have not be aware of – and that are waiting to be welcomed back.

What people are saying…

After fighting a significant illness for several years, I am finally feeling well, and I looked to Theresa to help me identify what I wanted to do in my next chapter of life. With new tools, she was able to help me discover who I am now and how I want to express myself personally and professionally. She also helped me to confirm that I was on the right track.

She is approachable, non-judgmental, and resourceful. I highly recommend Theresa!

Amy Humphreys | Indian Wells, CA

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What we’ll explore:

  • Parts of You: Get to know and work with the different and sometimes contradictory aspects of yourself, including those that you may have rejected, neglected and disowned (your ‘shadow’). Through Individuation, bring the opposites facets of yourself together and into balance.
  • Dreams and symbols: The unconscious communicates to us through dreams, symbols and personal myth. Explore and express your dreams and other personal images through art, writing and movement to understand who you are on the deepest level.
  • Your Story and Myth: Recognize your story and personal hero(ines)’s journey by tapping into and writing your current narrative and then using myth and fairy tale to create an updated version of your story to support and inform your path.

Elements of growth:

  • Being: Learn to be present through awareness of your body, self-compassion, acceptance and trust. Learn how to heal by working with what’s here right now.
  • Doing: Engage in creative hands-on activities to participate in and experience your growth, not just learn about it abstractly through words and concepts.
  • Creating: Tap into your imagination, including art and visual expression, writing, poetry, story, dialogue, movement and visualization to express and welcome your core self.

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Our hidden selves

Jung believed that 99% of our selves are inaccessible, like the proverbial iceberg hidden beneath the water. In order to heal, transform, and become whole, we must find and walk the bridges that connect our conscious and unconscious worlds and we must include our whole selves in the process.

Theresa Soltzberg