Plant the seeds

Explore, Express, Expand

Are you ready to grow?

It seems like “someday” has always been an option. As in, ‘I’d love to do that’…someday” (e.g. after I pay off (insert anything you owe money on here), after I reach (fill in job goal here), or when (name something you think needs to happen here). And then one day you realize someday can’t go on forever. You realize you’re READY and you have been for a long time. You may need to define exactly what you care about, reshuffle some things so you can focus on what you know you love, or spend some time soul searching to find your life meaning and purpose.

I’m right there with you

For as long as I remember, I’ve felt like something’s missing. I grew up loving art, writing and spirituality. And found out quickly that those things don’t easily pay the bills. I wanted to build and create the things I didn’t grow up with, so I worked, and worked, and worked some more. And I love where I am. I need the redwoods, my home, the work I’ve done and everything I’ve learned to get to this point. But now it’s time for a change. It’s time to do what my soul is burning to do. It’s time to build and create what can only come from the deepest parts of me. It’s time to begin!

Your life is waiting

A part of you knows exactly what you want and exactly how to make it happen. This part of you has known what you’re meant to do since…well, since you got here. It’s just that we tend to forget. We are born with our deepest loves and wishes and longings right there with us. But this all gets lost. As we get older and have to make a living. Figure things out. Build our lives. And then there comes a time when that part of you says ENOUGH! My time has come and my soul is ready to know itself, to grow as tall as it can and reach as wide as it wants to.


The Soulpurpose process will light the way. Most of us know how to build, plan, and make things happen. But diving in and getting to know the depths of your soul, gathering and reframing the pieces of your story, naming and knowing all the parts of you, both the ones you think are great and the ones you deny are yours, expressing your self and your true nature from the authentic, core root parts of you, takes courage, guidance and focus.

Sometimes it’s not an easy path. You will have to look who you are right in the face, welcome back your whole authentic self and heal the parts of your story that might be the most painful. At the same time, you will explore your dreams and visions, find out who you REALLY are, express your deepest self with writing, art and imagination, and feel more FREE and ALIGNED than you’ve ever felt before.

How does the Soulpurpose one-on-one process work?

Exploration Session

I invite you to schedule an exploration session with me if you’d like to learn more about the Soulpurpose process and how it will benefit you, and to find our whether a workshop, working one-on-one or taking an online course is the best choice for you.

During this session we can:

  • Discuss where you are right now and how you’d like to move forward.
  • Talk about challenges on your path and what might be holding you back.
  • Decide which learning method is right for you.
  • Focus on specific topics that are important to you.

One-on-one Sessions

If you decide that you’d like to work on-on-one, we’ll talk about what works best for you and your schedule including:

  • Whether you’d like to work on your own goals and/or follow the Soulpurpose process.
  • How often you’d like to meet
  • How many sessions are right for you
  • How we’ll meet and how to get started
  • Pricing


Here’s what you can expect:

  • We will meet either by phone or video call, whichever you prefer.
  • I will provide you with some starter questions to complete before the first session, which will include a focus on your intentions and goals.
  • I’ll provide an agreement for our work together which will include all the details you need to know (cancellation, payment, etc.)
  • You’ll be able to schedule and manage your sessions with me online.


I believe in and follow a client-led approach (combined with the structure of the Soulpurpose process, if that’s what you choose).

This means that:

  • You decide what you’d like to work on each session, how the session is progressing and where you’d like to focus.
  • We check in often to make sure we’re heading in the direction you’d like to go.
  • We work on and prioritize what’s important to you.
  • If you choose to, we use the Soulpurpose framework to support what we do.
  • We can customize anything and everything we’re doing to fit your needs and goals.

You’re ready for the Soulpurpose journey now if:

  • Your life feels like it’s lost its meaning and its soul and you’re ready for something more
  • You’re ready to answer your calling
  • You want to know who you are from the roots up
  • You’re ready to explore and know all parts of yourself
  • You’re not afraid to look at and balance your shadow parts
  • You’re excited to work with your unconscious self in creative, expressive ways

You might not be quite ready for Soulpurpose work if:

  • Right now is not the right time to do this kind of intensive work
  • You need to focus on healing or resolving some concerns in your life first
  • You’re fine with the way things are for the time being
  • You don’t need to – or are not ready to – go deeper
  • You’re not quite ready to explore and express your most creative self

Exploration Session

I invite you to schedule an exploration session with me if you’d like to learn more about the soulpurpose process and how it will benefit you, and whether you’d like to participate in a workshop, work 1-1 or take an online course.

During this session we can:

  • Discuss where you are right now and how you’d like to move forward.
  • Talk about challenges and what might hold you back.
  • Decide which learning method is right for you
  • Focus on specific topics you’d like to discuss

The real you

It’s not just about what you do for a living. It’s about WHO YOU ARE. Who you really are, without the things you’re expected to do to say and be. Without the obligation. Without the automatic “have to’s”, “should’s” and supposed to’s”. Who is underneath all of that?

Theresa Soltzberg