Provide sustenance

Add Water, Air & Light

Are you ready for connection?

Working in a group provides support, community and connection to help you in the process of exploring who you really are and creating your best life. By sharing authentic self awareness and creative expression you’ll have the experience of sharing your self discovery journey with others through movement, creative expression and mindfulness. These non-verbal experiences will allow you to access your creative, pre-verbal self with the safety and support of others, which has been proven to help rewire the brain and heal. Soulpurpose workshops are fun, playful and hands-on and provide a unique opportunity become who we are and who we’re meant to be in the company of like minded travelers.

The path forward. Change can be daunting, especially when you’re the one who’s decided to take charge of your life and move forward with clear purpose and intention. Reactions from others who rely on you and want things to stay as they are, your own feelings of wanting to stay safe and comfortable, and doubts about whether it’s worth the effort and energy can be rough, and can stop you before you even get started.

Reminding ourselves why we want something, what it means to us and how it will be worth it can be helpful. Write down what you value and how you see the changes you want to make supporting your most important values. Imagine how you’ll feel if you get to the end of your life and regret not at least trying to do, have and be what you deeply want.

If you worry that you’re too old or it’s too late, and decide to keep things the way they are, you will most likely remain unhappy, and then run into the same desires you have now, one or five years from now. And then you will have waited longer when you could have gotten started now! I’ve been on this roller coaster and believe me, it’s extremely frustrating.

By navigating change with others who are on the same path, you will be reminded that you’re not alone, that others have your back, and that you can trade and share resources, and encouragement and stamina when it’s most needed.

Accepting where you are right now

Many of us consider ourselves creative, or used to, but as life has gotten busier, we haven’t been able to keep up with our writing or whatever we used to love doing, and we just can’t seem to get back to it. Or somewhere along the line, we started to believe that ‘we weren’t good enough, or that we would never become “artists” or “writers” so why waste our time?

So you put these kinds of interests aside to do what you needed to do to make your life work. Which is the story for most of us. You have to feed yourself before you can fulfil yourself.

We may have been able to stay on this path and remain content for quite some time, aware of the trade offs but choosing to invest in our families, security and needs. And there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s also nothing wrong with staying on this path. But for some of us, we begin to get restless, to do some soul searching and to realize that we’d like to experience something different, be something new, have something more.

And there’s nothing wrong with wanting this either. It can be painful to realize you want so much more and have much less time to fulfill these goals now that you’re older. But without the wisdom, hard work and maturity you have now, you wouldn’t have been able to get to the point you’re at now to have what you need and look for something more.

This is your unique path, and whatever form it’s taken is exactly right for you. Celebrate who you are and where you are right now, and use the strength of acceptance to help you take the next step forward.


The Soulpurpose path invites you to know your Self, step by step

You might know where you want to go and want support getting there, or need some help figuring out exactly where you’re headed. Either way, you know you want something more and you know you’re ready for change. No matter where you are in the process, the Soulpurpose path can help you figure out where you’re going and take the steps to get there, while discovering and expressing who you along the way!

Working and playing with a self discovery process like Soulpurpose is essential if you want to become your most creative and fulfilled self, living your own life and not someone else’s idea of who you ‘should’ be.

The Soulpurpose journey will lead you to the ultimate joy of doing and being fully who you are, and living a balanced, embodied, authentic life filled with the joy and contentment of being nothing but who you truly are.

Your path will be uniquely yours and it will be pointed squarely in the direction of YOU.

How does the group process work?

Exploration Session

I invite you to schedule an exploration session with me if you’d like to learn more about the Soulpurpose process and how it will benefit you, and whether you’d like to participate in a workshop, work one-on-one or take an online course (coming soon!).

During this session we can:

  • Discuss where you are right now and how you’d like to move forward.
  • Talk about challenges and what might be holding you back.
  • Decide which learning method is right for you.
  • Focus on specific topics you’d like to discuss.

Working in a group

If you decide that you’d like to participate in a group, we’ll talk about what you can expect, including:

  • How the Soulpurpose process works
  • What to expect from the sessions
  • Whether this process is right for you right now
  • How you can get started
  • Pricing


What you can expect from a group experience:

  • We will meet in person for the duration of the program, approximately eight sessions.
  • The same group members will attend each session so you’ll form a safe and supportive community.
  • I’ll provide you with some starter questions to complete before the first session, which will include information on your intentions and goals.
  • I’ll provide you with an agreement for our work together which will include all the fine print (cancellation, payment, etc.)


I believe in and allow the needs of the group to determine where we go, while following the direction and staying within the process of the Soulpurpose approach.

This means that:

  • You evolve together as a group and we navigate our path together, depending on the needs and interests that come up.
  • We work on and prioritize what’s important to you
  • We use the Soulpurpose framework to guide what we do
  • We focus our ‘work’ on play: hands-on, creative, movement-oriented, mindful and expressive experiences that will lead you to a-ha moments of natural, playful and expressive growth.

Are you ready?

The Soulpurpose group process is a good choice for you now if:

  • Your life feels like it’s lost its meaning and its soul
  • You want to know who you are from the roots up
  • You’re ready to explore and know all your inner parts
  • You’re not afraid to look at and balance your shadow parts
  • You’re excited to work with your unconscious self in creative, expressive ways and share this process with a group of like-minded people.
  • You’re ready to answer your calling.

The Soulpurpose process may not be for you yet if:

  • You’re not in a place to do this kind of work or you need to resolve some other healing or concerns in your life first
  • You’re fine with the way things are for the time being
  • You don’t need to or are not ready to go deeper right now
  • You’re not quite ready to explore and express your most creative self

Exploration Session

I invite you to schedule an exploration session with me if you’d like to learn more about the soulpurpose process and how it will benefit you, and whether you’d like to participate in a workshop, work 1-1 or take an online course (coming soon!).

During this session we can:

  • Discuss where you are right now and how you’d like to move forward.
  • Talk about challenges and what might hold you back.
  • Decide which learning method is right for you
  • Focus on specific topics you’d like to discuss

Moving forward together

I actually forgot that I was moving. Part of making this work is to create a group that becomes a safe place to move. Your body leads the movement, rather than you “moving” so you’re expressing what’s inside of you. I don’t know who said it first he body really does not lie. This can only happen with a small trusting group who’s focused together on supporting what’s happening and enabling each other’s authentic growth to emerge spontaneously.

Theresa Soltzberg