Find Your Soulpurpose

Who are you at your most authentic and creative core? What is your purpose for being?

In other words, what’s your Soulpurpose? You’re not alone if you can’t easily answer this question. In fact, you may be at a point in your life where you’re rethinking your goals and priorities, or even struggling with feelings of confusion, futility and emptiness.

This is often called the ‘dark night of the soul’ which can sound daunting. But these kinds of major challenges often lead us to the most expressive and genuine creativity we can imagine. Like dark earth nurturing a seed.

The good news is that you’re exactly where you should be if you’re at the midpoint of your life or anywhere near it. Your task for the first part of life is to build your external world. The second calls for going inside, diving deep, connecting with and balancing all parts of yourself and becoming the most genuine and creative version of ourselves possible.

It can be the most important and meaningful work you will ever do.

Who I am

I serve as a guide for those ready to answer the call. To dive deep and navigate your inner world. To live your life with passion, in alignment with the unique essence of your soul. To move from confusion to clarity, futility to purposefulness and emptiness to fulfillment.

I consider myself a fellow traveler since this this journey is nothing less than our life’s work. I’ve been through the dark night, reached the other side and I’m working on becoming acquainted with parts of myself that were lost or exiled long ago.

I’m letting go of what no longer matters and honoring what is truly important to me and my soul’s path. I am no longer able to sacrifice my gifts and authenticity for a promise of security and predictability. And I’ve never been happier.


The process of becoming whole is not just a good idea or something ‘nice to have’. It’s an essential process that supports our ability to heal, grow, feel and be our Selves*. Science has caught up with early travelers like Carl Jung and others who bravely explored their internal depths. Jung called the experience of connecting with and balancing our whole Selves*individuation and defined it as attaining self-actualization through integrating our conscious and unconscious selves. In other words, connecting the parts of us we’re aware of with the parts of us we’re not yet fully conscious of but that have profound influence on our lives.

Our understanding of personal integration and wholeness has progressed over time, expanding with the support of science to include a more complete understanding of how much our bodies and the functioning of our brains add to the story.

Science has discovered that through the process of plasticity, we can change how our brains became wired to respond based on how we had to navigate and survive our early history. Plasticity is achieved through a combination of mindfulness (inhabiting our bodies to learn from and heal the memories we carry with us) and genuine creative expression (exploring who we are without words, such as through art or movement).

The Soulpurpose process provides you with a map of steps and tools to navigate this profoundly amazing and unique journey of self discovery!

*Note: Jung capitalized the word Self when he referred to our core and most authentic Self: a central element of our psyche. We also have a more conscious self (without capitalization) that’s a part of ego-related selves and that helps us navigate the world successfully. We need both of these selves to grow and thrive. The Soulpurpose process is designed to help you focus on and become your most ‘Capital S’ Self possible!

The process of transformation must include the mind, body and soul.

To guide you and define your way, I offer you a process I call Soulpurpose, symbolized by the image of a tree. Carl Jung considered the tree a symbol for the Self and the process of individuation. He saw the the roots as representing the unconscious, the trunk consciousness and bodily experience, and the leaves or ‘crown’ expansion and spirituality. The tree is also a symbol of strength, immortality, the union of male and female energy, wholeness, spirituality and potential.

The taproot is the central root that connects to source and feeds the entire self.

We can walk this journey by working and playing with visual expression, movement, archetypes and story with a fun, playful and hands-on approach which allows us to experience a different way of becoming who we are and who we’re meant to be.
I offer workshops for groups, one-on-one sessions for those who want or need a more personal experience, as well as an online course to lead you though the process on your own on with a virtual group. I would also be happy to work with you in whatever way that would support where you are and where you’d like to go.

Bring your whole self to life

If you stand on the ground and root your feet into the earth, you can feel the energy moving up through the taproot, the center of the root system, that provides us with the nourishment that feeds us all. At the same time, light enters from the crown of your head, meeting in the middle at your heart center and creating the essence of who you are. Fed by light, earth, air and water, you grow.

Theresa Soltzberg